1) Please type your name on your essay, upload by Noon Saturday May 15.

REMEMBER, …This is ONLY YOUR work on the EXAM … You may discuss approach / concepts with others, however, by submitting this exam essay you are following Brandeis Academic Honesty Guidelines. Breathe

2) REMEMBER that our Latte page has lots of reports, articles, links, and information (along with material that I have emailed to you) regarding the economy, markets, and economic outlook. Now, it is time for you to step back and think about our complicated and challenging worlds that seem to be improving with the Covid vaccines. The class latte site provides lots of background research material for your Investment essay (and Kaiser Health links) it is time to step back and tell us your framework, your approach/perspective, and your investment story. The suggested structure is outlined below and on latte. However, you may use your own organization. Remember to be specific and provide numbers.

ONLINE TAKE HOME Investment ESSAY -- 6 pages single-spaced, 2,500 words with exhibits (the numbers, tables, graphs), UPLOAD on latte

After graduating Brandeis each of you will be given $5,000,000. Your math / business / economics degree pays off. Where will you invest your money and Why? What might change ONE year after the New Biden- Harris administration & COVID Vaccines and THREE years after Biden-Harris administration has been in office (before the 2024 election)? Not to mention leaders of our world economies. How will possible changes in our political economy affect your portfolio allocations – your scenarios?

OH, this is like my first investment class in February at Brandeis (RP 1) and forum where I had to explain my General Outlook for world economy, with specific numbers, economic assumptions for each region (growth, interest rates, inflation, unemployment, financial markets for Asia, US, Europe). NOW after THREE MONTHS of classes, I must revisit the original question

WHERE and WHAT to invest in over the coming three years? What are my expected returns / downsides? And WHY?

Describe your Specific portfolio investment allocations (percentage % of Bond, Equity, Real Estate, Commodities, cash) with countries…and sector preference and expected returns (numbers/table). Remember Ezra’s presentation about changes over time in sector / country returns and REMEMBER to mention your (One or Two) specific investments (valuation analysis of industries / stocks) and what might CHANGE over three years?

This is YOUR INVESTMENT summary of economy, politics, Covid, markets, and your investment approach over the next three years.

YES, you must write your view of the world and markets in five - six pages! (approximately, 2500 words, single spaced). Luckily, you have notes, LOTS of latte resources, and information, so you are well prepared for this essay. REMEMBER write about what you know or feel comfortable with.

See the suggested sections below, or you may use your own structure. Remember that your essay should be is easy to read and understand. Look at The Economist, Financial Times, and investment reports that I have pointed you towards in the class (Northern Trust, JPMorgan-Chase, etc.):

• Executive summary (two paragraphs)

• Your investment philosophy / framework and approach towards investing over the next three years.

• Political / Economic / Market Assumptions: Qualitative and Quantitative:
with NUMBERS (1 year after election (2021), 3 years later (2024)) with possible changes for at least Two regions of world. BE SPECIFIC in terms of numbers and assumptions (explain with exhibits / tables) and possible scenarios

• General Outlook summary (for at least Two regions of world)

• Investment allocations: Securities, Sector and Country (changes over time, (one year and three years with numbers and percentages, Table)

• Specific Investment Opportunities (Company / industry):
your favorite investment and why with some explicit valuation and analysis of your preferred investment (maybe something from the market watch game)

• Concerns / Questions (upside and downside)

Conclusion / Summary

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