Experiential Learning


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Experiential Learning

Your next task is to reflect on what you have learned by writing 1000-word essay.  Reflection is the element that transforms an experience into a learning experience, so you will be able to get the most value out of your experience by writing the best possible reflection and getting feedback from your advisor/instructor.   

Your paper should be written as though you were submitting in a professional environment.  Because it is a personal reflection, the use of first-person is allowed. The value of the essay comes from your identification and understanding of the essential career skills you have gained.

To help you write this paper, please follow the outline below and address  all of the topics described in the bullet points below:  

Reflection Paper Outline     

I.  Introduction (1 paragraph).  Briefly inform the reader of the Experiential Learning Activity you took part in by describing:  


· The name, date(s), and location(s) of the experiential learning event you participated in  

· A brief overview of the organization’s mission and how it fits with your goals.   

· A description of the specific activities and responsibilities you took part in that were related to the learning outcomes identified in advance for this activity. 

II.  Essential Career Skills Developed (3-5 paragraphs).  Analyze your experience in terms of the essential career skills you developed during your Experiential Learning activity in the following categories:

     A. Problem solving   


· Describe problems you may have encountered and how you solved them  

· Provide examples of instances where you used creative or innovative initiatives 

     B. Interpersonal skills   


· Explain how this experience may have improved your self-confidence, helped you with time management skills, and/or taught you about relationship building and teamwork   


· Provide examples of how your ethical leadership skills were developed in accordance with the mission of St. Thomas University  

     C. Technical skills   


· Identify the primary technical skills you acquired pertaining to your major or field and how these skills may help you in your future career (e.g., new technology or software, technology design/programming, lab management, etc.).   

· Name any certifications you earned during your experiential learning event  

III.  Reflection (3-5 paragraphs).  Reflect upon this particular experiential learning experience.  Elaborate on the relationship the experiential learning event has to your course of studies and/or future field or career: 


· Describe to what degree your initial expectations/goals/learning outcomes were met  

· Describe how the essential career skills you developed have value for your major or field of study.  


· Describe how your experience encouraged you to continue your career path in this direction. If you learned through this experience that you would not like to pursue this career in the future, that is a valid answer as well.  

· Give an example of how the essential career skills you developed may be transferable to other situations, including both within and outside of academia 

· Describe any essential career skills that you did not develop during your Experiential Learning event that you   

IV.  Conclusion (1 paragraph).  Summarize the most important outcomes you will take away from your experience.  


Submission Instructions:

· Using headings that match those in the outline in the instructions is an effective way to organize your essay.

· Papers should be written in Microsoft Word, double-spaced, using 12-point Times New Roman font.

· All margins should be set to 1". 

· Paragraphs should be left-justified with the first sentence of each paragraph indented by 0.5".

· The paper should be approximately 1000 words in length, excluding the title page.