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Start Excel. Download and open   the file named Exp19_Excel_Ch01_HOEAssessment_OKOS.xlsx.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename.


Find all occurrences of Amount and replace them with Price.


You want to use Auto Fill to   enter a series of codes representing the year (2021), the month (09), and a   number.

  Enter 2021-09-100   in cell B6 and   use Auto Fill to complete the sequence for the range B7:B11.
  Hint: Use the fill handle and the Auto Fill Options to fill the series.


The OKOS workbook contains   spelling errors that need to be corrected.

  Use Excel to check and correct the spelling errors in the worksheet.
  Hint: The Review tab contains the Spelling tool.


The worksheet contains the cost   and retail prices. You want to calculate the amount of markup.

  In cell D6, enter a formula to calculate the markup amount, which is the   difference between the retail price and cost. Copy the formula to the range   D7:D11.
  Hint: The formula is =Retail Price - Cost.


Each item is on sale this week.   The sale price is X percent off the retail price. You need to calculate the   sale price.

  In cell G6, calculate the sale price. Copy the formula down the range G7:G11.
  Hint: The formula is either =Retail Price - (Percent Off * Retail Price) or   =Retail Price * (1- Percent Off).


The profit margin is the ratio   of the net profit as a percentage of revenue. The formula first calculates   the net profit between the sale price and the cost and divides that by the   sale price.

  In cell H6, enter a formula to calculate the profit margin. Copy the formula   to the range H7:H11.
  Hint: The formula is =(Sale Price - Cost) / Sale Price


The filing cabinets are out of   stock; therefore, you should remove that product from the list of products on   sale.

  Delete row 8 that contains the filing cabinet data.
  Hint: Delete is on the Home tab.


You want to insert a row to   display the heading Furniture above the furniture products.

  Insert a new row 8 and type Furniture in cell A8. Bold the word Furniture in cell A8.
  Hint: Insert is on the Home tab or on the shortcut menu.


Column A is too narrow for the   product names. You want to increase the width.

  Increase the width of column A to 28.00.
  Hint: Format is on the Home tab or you can drag the column border.


The 32" Curved Monitor product is below the Furniture heading. This product belongs in the Electronics area. You will move the   monitor product row to be above the Furniture   heading.

  Insert a row above the Furniture heading,   cut the 32" Curved Monitor   row, and paste it in the range A8:H8.
  Hint: Insert, Cut, and Paste are on the Home tab.


The worksheet title should stand   out prominently on the worksheet.

  Merge and center the title over the range A1:H1, apply the Accent 1 cell   style, and change the font size to 14.
  Hint: Merge, Cell Style, and Font Size are on the Home tab.


The column headings on row 4   should be formatted to improve the appearance of the worksheet.

  Wrap text and horizontally center the headings in the range A4:H4. Apply   Blue, Accent 5, Lighter 80% fill color to the range A4:H4.
  Hint: Wrap Text, alignment, and fill color options are on the Home tab.


To distinguish the product names   from the category headings Electronics and Furniture, you will indent the   product names.

  Indent twice the product names in the ranges A6:A8 and A10:A11.
  Hint: Indent is on the Home tab.


You want to display the dollar   signs for the monetary amounts and then decrease decimals if all amounts are   whole dollars.

  Apply Accounting Number Format to the ranges C6:E11 and G6:G11. Select the   range C6:C11 and decrease the decimal places to show only whole amounts.
  Hint: Accounting Number Format and the option to decrease decimals are on the   Home tab.


The Percent Off and Profit   Margin values should be formatted with percent signs.

  Select the ranges F6:F11 and H6:H11. Apply Percent Style and increase the   decimal points to show one digit to the right of the decimal point.
  Hint: Number formatting is on the Home tab.


You want to apply a border   around the worksheet data to look professional when printed.

  Select the range A1:H11 and apply Outside Borders.


Because the worksheet contains   more columns than rows, it would look better in landscape orientation.

  Change the orientation to landscape.
  Hint: Orientation is on the Page Layout tab.


You continue to apply Page Setup   options to prepare the worksheet to be printed, if needed.

  Set a 1-inch top margin and select the option to horizontally center the data   on the page. Apply the option to fit the worksheet data to one page.
  Hint: Use the Page Layout tab.


It is important to provide   identification information in a footer of the worksheets. In particular, the   textbook series name, the worksheet name, and the file name to help identify   the worksheet.

  Insert a footer with the text Exploring Series on the left side, the sheet name code in the   center, and the file name code on the right side.
  Hint: The Header & Footer option is on the Insert tab or through the Page   Setup dialog box.


To preserve the original data,   you make a copy of a worksheet so that you can manipulate the data or if you   want to review the formulas.

  Rename Sheet 1 as September. Copy the September sheet to the right and rename   the copied sheet as Formulas.


You want to display the formulas   and set print options so that it will be easier to read and interpret the   rental formulas on a printout, if needed.

  Display formulas on the Formulas sheet. Select the options to print gridlines   and headings.
  Hint: Use the Formulas tab and the Page Layout tab to set options.


Save and close Exp19_Excel_Ch01_HOEAssessment_OKOS.xlsx.   Exit Excel. Submit the file as

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