Exercise 7


Dear Landstuhl y Rota+ fall  (ii) 2020 Students:

Please find attached Exercise 7, due at 18.00 at the beginning of our  Week 8 (Dec 9) class session.  In order to receive individual and class  credit for the exercise, you must provide thoughtful answers to each of  the five questions.  Answer each of the questions by typing/drawing in  the designated Answer spaces or graphs found  in the Exercise 7 Word file.  So all of your answers should be in  blue.  Further, do not expand the red-colored text, which is for marking  purposes.  

Please note that those who do not follow these simple  preparation and submission instructions will not receive credit for the  exercise.  Scanned PDF files, individually created Word files, and the  like will not be marked.  You must use download the Word file below and  type/draw your answers in the same file. 

When completed , upload your Exercise 7 answers to the Exercise 7  placeholder in this same Assignment folder.  Remember, in order to  receive the additional (guaranteed) 10 class points, you must answer  each of the questions.  Further, each answer must show that you've  considered the question carefully. 

Finally, as explained, you're welcome to collaborate with others in  the class.  However, you cannot submit a mere copy of someone else's  work.  Each of you must prepare your own submission.  

Remember that Exercise 7 is an extra-credit exercise worth a maximum  of 20 points for those who have submitted individual answers for each  the previous six exercises.  It is a make-up exercise worth a maximum of  25 points for those who've not done so.  Keep in mind as well that you  were "spotted" 10 Exercise 7 extra-credit points after Evaluation 1.  If  Exercise 7 is an extra-credit exercise for you, you must answer each  question and make your individual submission on time.  If you fail to do  so, your already-posted 10 points will be removed.  If Exercise 7 is a  make-up exercise for you, it will be marked as any other exercise. 

Finally, you'll note that those who do DB 7 will find the  corresponding graph on the page following question #5.  So as you do DB  7, please note that you'll find the corresponding diagram at the end of   the attached  Exercise 7 assignment sheet.

As always, if you have any questions, just let me know.

Best wishes,

R. Chaney 

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