Examining Quantitative and Qualitative Research Studies for Field Practice Implications


APA style must be used correctly. The paper must be clear, well organized, and should be 2-3 pages not including the cover page and references.

Choose two current empirical research studies that address mass incarceration within urban settings. Thoroughly compare the research methods and report the findings. Pay attention to statistics used and generalizability. (Articles must be dated 2005 and beyond). 

What are the findings?

Are diversity issues, social, economic, and environmental issues addressed?

Any ethical dilemmas presented or implied?

Does the article support social work values and ethics?

Is a theoretical framework discussed, and if so, does it fit the client population served at your field internship (client’s incarcerated)?

Discuss the best practice model (implicit or explicit) in the articles, and whether you would assess and intervene with clients using it?

If a best model is not presented, based on your knowledge of social work conceptual frameworks what would you suggest?

If both articles present a best practice model, which one seems more relevant to guide urban social work practice concerning the problem?

What did you learn about the problem from the statistics presented in the articles?

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