evolution of computer science


write a scientific report on evolution of computer science 

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Reports required for practical applications of Premaster Computer course 2023-2024

Write a scientific report on

Evolution of computer science.

Required MS Office Word specifications for the report.

Font type: Times New Roman

Font size:

Heading 14 and bold

Subheadings 12 italic and bold

Text 12

Line spacing: 1.5

Alignment Justified

Page margin Moderate

Line numbering Must be included

Paper size A4

Page border Box

Title: Not more than 12 words

Abstract: Not more than 250 words

Reference& citation

style : Select and unify the style

Pages: Not more than 3 pages

1. The report must include a title, abstract, introduction, main text,

conclusion, and references.

2. Try to include tables for data representation not less than 2 rows

and 2 columns and select plain table 2 format.

3. Figures and smart Arts are recommended to be included for better

illustration Figure dimensions are (2.3 X 4.7).

4. Add a header for the report pages (font size 10, time roman, bold)

5. Add page numbering at the bottom with Accent Bar 4 format.

6. Deliver the finished reports through WhatsApp privately to me and

just send done to the general group by 31-10-2023.