Events of Instruction Presentation Assignment



Events of Instruction

Presentation Assignment

(this assignment is a 2 part assignment)

Part 1:(Is already completed, Attaching power point as well(for part 1). Please use that power point to make the edits and create word document for part 2)

1. Select a presentation you previously completed – it can be any type of presentation where you 

presented, taught a lesson, conducted instruction.

2.  Add speaker notes to the presentation exactly how you presented it or as a close to it as you 

remember, lesson plan or instructional plan you created for that presentation. 

4.  Submit the Powerpoint with speaker notes and the Presentation Review Assessment.

Part 2:


After learning about how different ages learn, review your presentation where you presented, 

taught a lesson, conducted instruction presentation (the one you previously submitted and re-work 

your presentation to how you would present it now.  You must choose and identify the learning 

style that your new presentation will model. 

  1. Write a 2-4 page events of instruction paper, single spaced, 12 point Arial font on how you used the 

domains of learning, 5 pillars of learning and the cycle of learning to improve each Event of 


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