Ethical Decisions

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A five-page answer Concerning CQ Strategy/CQ Action and their relationship to International Obligations. The answer will address the following questions: 

  • Are wealthier nations obliged to help other nations or governments, not just with humanitarian aid, but with military aid? 
  • Are wealthier nations obliged to intervene if other nations or governments institute/enable/condone massive human rights abuses?
  • Should wealthier nations step in if other nations or governments collapse in civil war or become chaotic and ineffective?

 In answering these questions, be sure to think about the pros and cons of your response. Remember to answer these questions from the perspective of a global leader. Support your opinions with our textbooks and real-world examples. The title page and reference pages are not included in the minimum page length. APA citations are required, and at least three primary sources should be used to support your opinions.

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