English Research question assignment


Pick a research topic choice. This is a list of topics you can NOT use.

•  Abortion or fetal tissue for research 

•  Welfare

• Climate change 

• Human cloning

• Death penalty 

• Euthanasia

• Gun control/the NRA

• Lowering the Drinking Age

• Juveniles being punished as adults for crime 

• Legalizing Marijuana for medical or recreational purposes

• Homosexual right to marry/adopt children/ serve in the military 

• Alaskan Wildlife Refuge

• Creationism vs. Evolution 

• Violence in Video Games

• Animals used for cosmetic or medical testing 

• Homework (whether it should be assigned)

What topic should you choose? 

• One that is interesting to you and one that is current to one of your personal communities. 

• One about which you have not yet made up your mind. (This is crucial!) 

• Narrow your topic as much as possible. Keep in mind the length of your p@per. 

• One that is controversial and is not just a matter of opinion. 

The first upload is the research question assignment.

The second upload is an example of the research questions assignment. When you are finished it should look something along the lines of this example.

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