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Using the DBQ Packet(ATTACHED) you will create a historical argumentative essay on why this Era should be renamed. It will no longer be the "Era of Good Feelings" but it should now be named the "Era of ________." (You fill in the blank with the new name of your choice. You get to rename it!)  Your argument will come straight from the documents in the DBQ packet and you will use the historical context you created from your vocabulary worksheets to explain how what is being said in the document and the historical events surrounding it is making your argument of why the era should be renamed to the "Era of ______."  You will have to use 5 documents from the DBQ packet in your essay.  After using a document you will cite as (Doc #).  No other citations will be required.

require 2-3 pages double spaced due to the amount of information you should discuss from the documents and proving you know the history behind what was written in the documents.

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