English English 1 Homework


When evaluating the credibility of a source (especially a webpage), we must read that text with a strong critical eye. "Critical," in this context, doesn't simply mean making negative comments or looking exclusively for faults and failings; instead, critical reading involves evaluating the quality and credibility of something (i.e., what works well, what might be flawed, what biases might be present, etc.). To hone your skills as critical readers, I would like for you to read and then evaluate the article "Soy Is Making Kids GayLinks to an external site." by Jim Rutz. Use the following prompts below to help guide your analysis: 

  • What is the overall argument of the article? Can you pinpoint 1-2 sentences that could serve as the article’s thesis (main argument)?
  • Find out more information about the author of the article. Is there anything about the author’s personal beliefs or credentials that might create a bias or unfair influence in his writing?
  • Explore the website (source) of the article by looking at other articles, the "About Us" section, and even advertisements. Do you think that this particular site might be written for a particular audience? Would this audience have a bias toward the topic explored in Rutz’s article?
  • Check the article’s currency (when it was published or written). Does the date show that the article is recent and up-to-date or not? Why might the currency effect the validity of the article’s argument?
  • What parts of the author’s argument are written especially well? Provide specific examples. Why do you feel these examples are particularly successful?
  • What parts of the author’s arguments are weak or unfair? Again, provide specific examples. Why do you feel that these examples are particularly unsuccessful?

Remember to give credit when you quote from the article itself, also to do it in MLA format and MAXIMUM OF 250 WORDS

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