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Professor Perez

DIRW 0327

1 January 2025

Molloy, Molly, and Charles Bowdin. El Sicario: The Autobiography of a Mexican Assassin.

Nation Books, 2011.

In this essay (350 words) discuss how the “sicario” discusses his “work.” How does he

work “in unison” with some of the police officers “in the academy”—how do they “work

together” and in what “type” of jobs do they “work together”? Why, according to the sicario, are

so many people involved in any given “assignment”? What does he mean when he says: “Never

mix up Christmas with New Year’s”?

Early on in the reading he discusses how his gang/group goes about kidnapping a person.

What are the different functions of the people involved in this operation? For instance, what do

“The Eyes” do? What are the specific tasks of other people involved in such a kidnapping

procedure? Does this seem like a highly organized procedure? Why or why not?

What happens to the police force during the time of the kidnapping operation? Why is

such an “order” given to “the director of the police” and who, presumably, gives this “order”?

Why is it “easy” if the “boss” wants the “target” dead? Why is it a bit more difficult if the boss

wants the target “alive”?

After the kidnapping happens, why is it so advantageous that no official police get to the

scene until hours after the actual kidnapping occurs? What happens “[i]f an actual police patrol

car dares to intervene along the route” of a kidnapping (83)?

The sicario indicates that “until a few years ago,” the narco-traffickers” would not harm

women and children. Why is that particular “rule” no longer honored? How is it that a kidnapped

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person’s family is extorted and what are some of the “techniques” he has used “to make them

talk” (98)? The story that the sicario tells gives a glimpse into his underground world. What is

your impression of this sicario and the world within which he operates?

While you are not expected to respond to each of the prompts above, you are to identify

some to consider some of the questions/prompts above to produce a 350-word response. The

format of the essay should follow the format given in this very writing prompt. Absolutely place

the bibliographic information at the top of your essay as it is illustrated in this very writing