Edwards week 8



How do intelligence-sharing mechanisms contribute to enhancing homeland security preparedness and response?


This  week you will submit your theoretical framework. The following  description for this section of your thesis is from the End of Program  Manual (EOP):

Theoretical  Framework/Approach: The theoretical framework section develops the  theories or models to be used in the study and shows how the student has  developed testable research hypotheses.

This section should include:

  • an  introduction discussing gaps in the literature, how this study will help  fill some of those gaps, and justification for the theory or model to  be used in study;
  • a summary of the theory or model to be used in the study, including a diagram of the model if appropriate; and
  • a statement of hypotheses to be tested.

The  length of this section can vary significantly. If you are using a  socioeconomic theory to explain human trafficking, then this section  would be shorter than if you were developing your own model. 

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