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Chapter 1: What If Scenario

Instructions: Please answer the following two questions base on how you would handle a certain situation or circumstance. Please make sure that your response is 150 words .

1. You are the mayor, and your city is suffering from severe economic hardship due to a decrease in the amount of property taxes received from your residents. You must cut the budget of one of your agencies of criminal justice. Which budget would you cut first: police, courts, or corrections? Why?

2. You are a defense attorney and you have been retained to represent a client who is being accused of first-degree murder. The client hands you $100,000 in cash. At the end of your consultation, the client admits to killing his wife but still wants you to represent him. What would you do?

Chapter 1: Crime and Criminal Justice

Watch a television program or movie about the criminal justice system. Write a minimum 3 page maximum 5 page reaction paper discussing the components of the criminal justice system portrayed in the film. Include in the paper the various perspectives of criminal justice presented. Were the elements of the criminal justice system presented in a positive or negative manner? Explain your response. Please cite your work APA format.

Submission of Assignments: All major assignments for this course will be submitted electronically using Canvas. Please use a standard 12-point font such as Times New Roman, Palatino, or Garamond. Use one-inch margins and standard APA headers and double-space all documents. Make sure you include your name, title of the course and date on all submissions. Do not send assignments to my email address failure to do so is an automatic 0 for that particular assignment (s).

Deductions: There will be points (10 points each) deducted for no heading on assignments as described in the syllabus, in appropriate font size, no margin or paragraph justification, line spacing, not stating the questions or statements, no work cited page, grammar errors, run on sentences, sentence fragments, etc.



Textbook/Course Materials: No textbook required: Open Educational Resources (OER). The required resources are TexShare, JSTOR, Canopy, Statista and the Newspaper Archive.