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Critical Thinking Assignment: Observation (25 points)

Read Lesson 1 and watch the videos in the lesson before beginning this assignment. The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate naturalistic observation skills and techniques. Researchers and professionals use naturalistic observation in their work with children. For further information on this check out Section 3: Human Relations of the American Psychological Association Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct.

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Conduct a 15- to 20-minute observation of your own child or the child of a relative or friend. The observation will be confidential, so do not use real names. Remember to objectively describe only what you see and hear. Do not include your personal opinions, feelings, or items you do not hear and see during the observation. Use this Lesson 1 Assignment Template

1.CFS176 Lesson 1 Assignment Template

Observation: Fill in the following information. Save this document and submit it to your instructor using the assignment link in Lesson 1.


Time Began:

Time Ended:


Child's Age or Approximate Age:

Observe and objectively record these elements:

  • The child's physical movements and behaviors?
  • What the child says or how the child communicates?
  • The child's facial and emotional expressions?
  • The child's interactions with other children or people?
  • What the child plays with, how the child plays with it, and the child's activities?

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2. to record your observation.

At the end of your observation notes, write an additional two paragraphs that answers the following questions:

  • From a research perspective, reflect on the observation. Were you objective? Were your observations subjective? Did they reflect bias?
  • Based on your reflection, how would you change your observation and recording process for children's behaviors in the future?

Review the Lesson 1 Critical Thinking Rubric

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to learn how your instructor will grade this assignment.

Upload your assignment to the following link. Lesson 1 Critical Thinking Assignment

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Review File Upload Instructions

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if you need help with this task.

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