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W7: Scenario Module 3

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Based on the information provided in  Module 3 of the Scenario, write a discussion post concerning the issues listed below.  

For  one of the categories listed, write an initial response to the primary question and as many of the additional questions as you wish (at least one, if any exist).


Operational Coordination

Primary Question:

34.    How will a tiered, integrated leadership, and inclusive coordinating organizations operate with a unity of effort supported by sufficient assessment and analysis to provide a defined structure and decision-making processes for response and recovery activities?

Additional Questions:

35.       What is a CHEMPAK, and what can it provide to the fire and EMS on the ground?

36.       What additional Emergency Support Functions should be activated?

Environmental Response/Health and Safety

Primary Question:

37.    First responders should implement what priorities upon arriving at the scene since this event involves an unknown potential WMD?

Additional Questions:

38.       Who has the responsibility to minimize public exposure to environmental hazards?  How will this be accomplished? 

39.       How would decontamination issues be addressed in the first minutes, hours and days?

40.       Who would be responsible for identifying, assessing, and mitigating worker health and safety hazards, and who would disseminate health and safety guidance and resources to responding personnel?

41.       What sort of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should be utilized by all responders to this event?

42.       Who would be responsible for establishing Hot, Warm and Cold zones?  What resources would be used to assist in establishing protective zones?

43.       How would victims on the scene be decontaminated?  Who would be responsible for the decontamination efforts?


Screening, Search and Detection

Primary Question: 

44.       What types of detection devices should be utilized to assess potential dangers related to the unknown agent?

Additional Questions:

45.       Will HEPA filters in the hospital help contain the spread of an agent that has been injected into the HVAC system?  Why?


Primary Question:

46.       What information should be provided to the University, the Hospital, and the residents of Bobsville about Sheltering-In-Place? 

Additional Questions:

47.       What mechanisms would be utilized to advise the public about Shelter-In-Place?

48.       Who would be responsible for determining evacuation zone, evacuation corridors, and evacuation locations?

49.       If wind direction and speed required the public to evacuate the area, as Shelter-In-Place is no longer the safest option, where would the people be directed to relocate? 

50.       How long would a potential organophosphate or nerve agent linger in the air?