EDCE 505 Reading Quiz 5 (2019)

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  1. Narrative therapy has been found to be particularly effective with diverse client populations for all of the following reasons except:
  2. The solution-focused approach was originally designed as a brief model of psychotherapy.
  3. One of the major goals of reality therapy involves:
  4. Narrative therapists attempt to do all of the following except:
  5. The common factors approach to psychotherapy integration:
  6. A key theme of SFBT is, when you know what is working, do more of it. If something is not working, try something different.
  7. Modernists believe in the ability to describe objective reality accurately and assume that it can be observed and systematically known through the scientific method.
  8. Which of the following approaches contends that the nature of the human condition includes self-awareness, freedom of choice, responsibility, and anxiety as basic elements?
  9. The linguistic approach stresses the expert role of the therapist in suggesting solutions to a family’s problems.
  10. Techniques are more important to models that see the therapist-as-expert and in charge of making change happen. Collaborative approaches require:
  11. Narrative therapy is a strengths-based approach that emphasizes collaboration between client and therapist to help clients view themselves as empowered and living the way they want.
  12. There is a trend in the field of family therapy toward rejecting an integrative model of practice.
  13. We create, maintain, and live by often __________ that we hope will keep the family (and each of its members) functional.
  14. Structural family therapy includes all of the following goals except for bringing about structural change by:
  15. The concept of triangulation is most associated with:
  16. Structural-strategic family therapy has its foundation in behavioral theory.
  17. All of the following are techniques used in solution-focused therapy except for:  
  18. A key concept of Gestalt therapy is:
  19. The creation of the self, which dominated the modernist search for human essence and truth:
  20. All are true of solution-focused brief therapists except that they:
  21. Minuchin and other structural family therapists initiated their work with wealthy suburban clients.
  22. __________ is designed to evaluate and to improve the quality and effectiveness of counseling services.
  23. Family systems therapy represents a paradigm shift that is sometimes called “the fourth force.”
  24. A main task of the narrative therapist is to help clients construct a: 
  25. Which approach to family therapy contends that one’s current family problems will not significantly change until relationship patterns in one’s family of origin are understood and directly challenged?
  26. Which of these solution-focused therapy techniques involves asking clients to describe times in their lives when they were able to solve their problem or when their problem was less severe?
  27. Which of the following approaches to therapy most attempts to provide a growth-promoting climate that is conducive to a client’s self-exploration?
  28. Satir’s human validation process model emphasizes:
  29. A limitation of the family systems model is:
  30. The systems perspective implies:
  31. Assessment is not considered useful in the family systems perspective.
  32. Which of the following theorists emphasized the development of a nurturing triad?
  33. Which of the following orientations avoids exploring problems, and instead, focuses on creating solutions in the present and the future?
  34. Which of the following approaches places emphasis on challenging clients to recognize that they are responsible for events that they formerly thought were happening to them?
  35. A key technique of Adlerian therapy is:
  36. From a social constructionist perspective, change begins with:
  37. The negative impact of discrimination and oppression for both men and women has surfaced as a result of:
  38. Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs and their associates were the first known practitioners of family therapy, often using a model now called:
  39. The main goal of brief therapy is to help clients efficiently resolve problems and to move forward as quickly as possible.
  40. Minuchin’s structural-strategic therapy is based on the notion that an individual’s symptoms are best understood from the vantage point of interactional patterns within a family, and that structural changes must occur in a family before an individual’s symptoms can be resolved.
  41. Understanding family process is almost always facilitated by “how” questions.
  42. During the solution-focused initial therapy session, it is common for solution-focused therapists to ask, “What have you done since you called for the appointment that has made a difference in your problem?” This describes:
  43. Which of the following approaches to therapy stresses the attitude of the therapist over the use of techniques?
  44. The role of the family therapist involves being in charge of the session.
  45. Even science is not free from the influence of such processes of social construction.
  46. Which of the following statements about creating alternative stories is not true?
  47. The one central principle agreed upon by family therapy practitioners, regardless of their particular approach, is that:
  48. Which of the following approaches most emphasizes principles of learning?
  49. Which of the following individuals is not associated with family therapy?
  50. The goal of Bowen’s multigenerational family therapy is to understand one’s family of origin issues and to differentiate self within a system.


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    EDCE 505 Reading Quiz 5 (2019)

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