EDCE 505 Reading Quiz 3 (2019)

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  1. Which of the following is not considered a necessary and sufficient condition for change in the person-centered framework?

  2. Which of the following behavior therapists is credited with developing the social cognitive learning model, doing much work on observational learning and modeling, and writing about self-efficacy?  

  3. Wolpe’s systematic desensitization is based on the principles of:
  4. Progressive muscle relaxation has become increasingly popular as a method of teaching people to cope with stresses produced by daily living.

  5. A trend in contemporary behavior therapy is the increased emphasis on the role of thinking in behavior.
  6. A factor that distinguishes the person-centered approach to group counseling from other approaches is the:  

  7. Erving Polster believes that storytelling:

  8. The goal of Gestalt therapy is to solve basic problems, to resolve one’s polarities, and to help the individual to adjust to his or her environment.

  9. The basic goal of Gestalt therapy is:
  10. An assumption of person-centered therapy is that the counselor’s presence is far more powerful than techniques he or she uses to facilitate change.
  11. The person-centered therapist generally does not find traditional assessment and diagnosis:
  12. Accurate empathic understanding helps clients in all the following areas, except:

  13. Which of the following is not true about Gestalt techniques?
  14. Which of the statements below regarding Motivational Interviewing is not accurate?

  15. Behavior therapy is associated with all but one of the following: 
  16. Therapists are encouraged to use positive regard for clients only as a means of shaping their behavior.

  17. A current trend in Gestalt therapy is toward greater emphasis on the client/therapist relationship rather than on techniques.
  18. Acceptance is one of the third-generation behavior therapies’ five interrelated core themes.

  19. Gestalt therapies view a client’s avoidance behavior as related to unfinished business.

  20. Which of the following is true about “technical eclecticism” in multimodal therapy?
  21. Phil has been in behavior therapy to address his fear of heights. The treatment will not be considered complete until:
  22. Through mindfulness exercises, veterans may be better able to observe repetitive negative thinking and prevent extensive engagement with maladaptive ruminative processes.
  23. A criticism of behavior therapy is that it treats symptoms rather than causes problems.

  24. According to Gestalt theory, all of the following are true about contact except:

  25. Gestalt group therapists use experiments to encourage clients to move from talking about action to taking action.

  26. All of the following are true about social skills training except:

  27. According to Gestalt theory, people use avoidance in order to:
  28. The person-centered therapist is best described as a:

  29. Which of the following is not true about the Gestalt view of the role of confrontation in therapy?

  30. Which of the following distinguishes the cognitive trend in behavior therapy from the trends of classical and operant conditioning? 

  31. The Gestalt approach to dream work consists of the therapist interpreting the meaning of the symbols in the dream.

  32. Gestalt therapy is designed for individual counseling, and it typically does not work well in groups.

  33. Behavior therapy has been shown to be effective in the treatment of chronic pain.
  34. Maslow believed not enough research was being conducted on anxiety, hostility, and neuroses and too much into joy, creativity, and self-fulfillment.
  35. Which of the following is not true about the most recent trends in person-centered therapy?
  36. Modeling is a form of systematic desensitization.
  37. Carl Rogers’s position on confronting the client is that:

  38. B. F. Skinner is associated with which of the following trends in the behavioral approach?

  39. Behavior therapy assumes that:
  40. In regards to third-generation behavior therapies, one of the core themes is creating a life worth living.
  41. Empathy is a deep and subjective understanding of the client with the client.

  42. Behavior therapy is characterized by all of the following, except:

  43. Since Gestalt therapists believe that questions have a tendency to keep the questioner hidden, safe, and unknown, they often ask clients to change their questions into statements.

  44. The situation in which behaviors are influenced mainly by the consequences that follow them is:

  45. Behavior therapy has been criticized for a variety of reasons. Which of the following is one listed in the book?

  46. Which of the following aspects of a client’s use of language would a Gestalt therapist not focus on?

  47. Which statement is not true?
  48. Immediacy is highly valued in the person-centered approach

  49. Techniques used in mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy include all but:

  50. Gestalt therapy focuses on the cognitive aspects of therapy.



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