EDCE 505 Reading Quiz 1 (2019)

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  1. Michael White and David Epston are the major figures associated with narrative therapy.
  2. A diagnosis provides a working hypothesis that guides the practitioner in understanding the client.
  3. With respect to mastering the techniques of counseling and applying them appropriately and effectively, it is Corey’s belief that you are your own very best technique.
  4. The first step in making an ethical decision is to:
  5. A comprehensive approach to counseling:

  6. Which approach was developed during the 1940s as a nondirective reaction against psychoanalysis?
  7. The author describes the characteristics of an effective counselor. By including this information in the chapter, he is hoping to convey the message that:

  8. It is optional for therapists to inform their clients that they may discuss certain details of the relationship with a supervisor or a colleague.
  9. An authentic counselor is best described as:
  10. Confidentiality must be breached and information must be reported by practitioners when all of the following take place, except:  
  11. Choice theory/reality therapy applies the principles of learning to the resolution of specific behavioral problems.
  12. If we are inauthentic, it is unlikely that our clients will detect it.
  13. Which one of the following is not associated with the cognitive-behavioral action-oriented therapies?

  14. Which one of the following is not considered an experiential and relationship-oriented therapy?
  15. It is not our function to persuade clients to accept or adopt our value system.
  16. Effective counseling must take into account the impact of culture on the client’s functioning, including the:  
  17. Francesca, a cognitive behavioral therapist, likes to give homework assignments to her clients. What might her rationale be for doing this?
  18. Rudolf Dreikurs is credited with popularizing the Adlerian approach in the United States.
  19. The vast majority of mental health professionals have experienced personal therapy, typically on several occasions.
  20. Essential components of effective multicultural counseling include all of the following except:
  21. Both family therapy and feminist therapy are based on the premise that to understand the individual it is essential to take into consideration the interpersonal dimensions and the sociocultural context rather than focusing primarily on the intrapsychic domain.
  22. The ethics codes do not mandate that dual or multiple relationships:
  23. The central aim of evidence-based practice is to require psychotherapists to base their practice on techniques that have empirical evidence to support their efficacy.
  24. In the text, all of the following are listed as characteristics of the counselor as a therapeutic person except:  
  25. Assessment consists of:
  26. If you try to figure out in advance how to proceed with a client, you may be depriving the client of the opportunity to become an active partner in her or his own therapy.
  27. An integrative perspective is not developed in a random fashion.

  28. Informed consent in counseling can be provided in all of the following forms except:
  29. The ethics codes mandate avoidance of all dual or multiple relationships.
  30. Clients have a right to know about __________ before making highly personal disclosures.
  31. Overemphasizing cultural differences is always appropriate in a counseling context.
  32. A meta-analysis of research on therapeutic effectiveness found that the personal and interpersonal components are, at best, only moderately related to effective psychotherapy.
  33. Since Corey challenges the deterministic notion that humans are the product of their early conditioning and, thus, are victims of their past, he believes that an exploration of the past is rarely useful.
  34. Evidence-based practices:  
  35. Therapists should not admit their mistakes since that could diminish their clients’ confidence in them.
  36. It is especially important for counselors who work with culturally diverse client populations to do all of the following, except:

  37. __________ is a legal concept that protects clients from having their confidential communications revealed in court without their permission.
  38. A boundary crossing could potentially benefit a client.
  39. Effective psychotherapy is a practice in which the:
  40. According to the text, positive ethics is an approach taken by practitioners:  
  41. The only setting in which one might be forced to manage multiple roles is in community mental health centers.
  42. Contemporary therapy approaches are grounded on a core set of values, which are neither value-neutral nor applicable to all cultures.
  43. The author makes a case for:
  44. Effective therapists are not the victims of their early decisions.
  45. Culturally encapsulated counselors would be most likely to:  
  46. Which of the following is not considered essential knowledge for a culturally competent counselor?
  47. In the text, one reason given for having counseling students receive some form of psychotherapy is to help them:  
  48. Which of the following is not a method of increasing effectiveness in working with diverse client populations?
  49. Donald Meichenbaum is a prominent contributor to the development of cognitive behavior therapy.
  50. Which humanistic approach places emphasis on the basic attitudes of the therapist?


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