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OTAP 2720/ OTAP 2730 Fieldwork Level II A/B

Assignment #1 Power Point Presentation

Instructions: Each student will choose a diagnosis from their current caseload and research the latest evidence-based treatments for this diagnosis. Please choose an intervention that your site is NOT currently using. The student will complete a PowerPoint presentation to the facility’s staff of this trending treatment/intervention. The student is to email the PowerPoint including notes in the note pages of the presentation to the AFWC no later than Friday of week 4. Length and parameters of the presentation are at the discretion of the Clinical Educator.


(1- Absent)




Describes Illness/Condition.

None of the specified aspect of the illness was mentioned.

Two aspects of disability were mentioned.

Three aspects of disability were mentioned and explained.

Four or more aspects of the disability were explained; examples provided.

Treatment ideas

1 treatment

2 treatment ideas

3 treatment ideas

4 or more treatment ideas

Resource Articles for EBP (within last 10 years)

No resources were provided.

One resource was provided, but was vaguely covered.

Two resources were provided and were sufficiently covered.

Three or more resources were provided and were comprehensively explained or detailed.



many errors

good, some errors

excellent, no errors



many errors

good, some errors

excellent, no errors

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