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M4:L2 | Detailed Instructions for MLA Outline and Works Cited Requirements - due 2/7

To-Do Date: Feb 7 at 11:59pm

For M4D4 and the M4L2-A1 follow the 10 steps below:

MLA Outline and Work Cited page

1. Select one of the required/provided thesis statements in assignment M4D3. 

2. Your choice of thesis statement will establish several parts of your Research Essay and MLA Outline:

A. The topic of your introduction background must tie into the first clause of the thesis statement chosen.

B. The second clause of the thesis statement will include your Position on the topic.

C. The supporting paragraphs of your essay must tie into the three main points listed at the end of the second half of the thesis statement.

3. Visit and review carefully the Outline Samples at the Purdue Owl site.

4. Use an appropriate sample as a guide.

5. Your Outline must have the following structure:

I. Introduction

A. Hook - write one full sentence

B. Background - write one full sentence

C. Thesis statement - Write the required/provided thesis statement

II. First Supporting Paragraph - Topic sentence that ties back to first main point of the thesis statement

III. Second Supporting Paragraph - Topic sentence that ties back to second main point of the thesis statement

IV. Third Supporting Paragraph  - Topic sentence that ties back to third main point of the thesis statement

V. Opposing View - Write one sentence 

VI. Rebuttal to Opposing View - Write one sentence.

VII. Conclusion - Write one sentence.

6. Prepare an MLA Outline as detailed above as MS Word document only.

7. Return to the Purdue Owl Site.  Read, Learn, and Review everything about the MLA Work Cited page.

8. Prepare a work cited page per MLA (exactly - including formatting) as MS Word document only

9.   Submit the outline draft and work cited draft through M4D4 Draft MLA Outline and Cited Works - due 2/8

10. Submit the Final MLA Outline and Cited Work page through M4L2- A1 - MLA Outline and Works Cited-  due 2/9

Pre-assignment Lesson:

New Essay Structures

This assignment requires an MLA Outline for an Argument and Persuasion essay structure that includes Opposing View and Rebuttal sections and will be used for the Final Research Essay (paper).  Review the required MLA Outline structures presented earlier in the module and the new essay structure below:

Argument & Persuasion Essay Structure Required

>Paragraph 1 - Introduction

>Paragraph 2 - Writer's position statement and/or thesis statement

>Paragraph 3-5 - Body paragraphs - Supporting Details

>Paragraph 6 - Opposing View 

>Paragraph 7 - Rebuttal to Opposing View

>Paragraph 8- Conclusion

>Work Cited Page

This Assignment:

Attach a draft of your MLA outline (as an MS Word document) using the structure provided in this lesson, especially considering all the essay sections/paragraphs required.


Required Thesis Statement for this assignment, MLA Outline Draft, MLA Outline submission, and Final Research Essay (paper)


· “Although there may be good reasons to militarily intervene in the Israeli-Hamas War, the U.S. and its Allies  should not intervene militarily in Gaza   because it may lead to (reason  #1), (reason #2), and (reason #3)."


Although there may be good reasons to militarily intervene in the Israeli-Hamas War, the U.S. and its Allies should not intervene militarily  in Gaza because it may lead to escalation of conflicts, recourse allocations, Risk of civilian casualties.


After attaching your response to this assignment, place the required critiques for two classmates.  Make sure comments to classmates are a brief rhetorical analysis of their post.  DO NOT COMMENT ON THE SUBJECT MATTER, instead analyze how your classmate's attachment followed instructions, met the structural requirements of the assignment, and give examples of each. 

Do not use first person or second person in your response.  (No: I, me, my, we, us, our, mine, you, your, etc...)  Use MS Word to initially type your response.  Double space the entire response.  Then copy and paste from MSWord to the assignment text box.

Grade Breakdown Per Post:


· Post: 80% (minimum  words per detail above)

· Two critiques to classmates:20% (Minimum 50 words - as a brief rhetorical analysis)

· Total: 100%