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Can anyone resolve this chaotic help me? I have to submit them to my teacher this weekend.

1. The car ______ half an hour ago.

A. has been leaving

B. left

C. has left

D. had left

2. We _______ Dorothy since last Friday.

A. don’t see

B. haven’t seen

C. didn’t see

D. hadn’t seen

3. When I last saw him, he _____ in France.

A. has lived

B. is living

C. was living

D. has been living

4.  ______ the door.

A. has just painted

B. paint

C. will have painted

D. painting

5. My sister ________ since yesterday, for you.

A. looked

B. was looking

C. has been looking

D. is looking

6. I ______ Florida State University now.

A. was attending

B. attend

C. am attending

D. attended

7.  Sonic exe  has been buying ship ________.

A. for ten years ago

B. ten years ago

C. since ten years

D. for ten years

8. Christopher Columbus _______ American more than 600 years ago.

A. has discovered

B. discovered

C. had discovered

D. had been discovering

9. He lost his balance while ______ direction of the church.

A. run

B. runs

C. was running

D. had run

10. We _______ there when our cousin died.

A. still lived

B. lived still

C. was still lived

D. was still living

11. They ______ After their father returns home, they play table tennis.

A. will play

B. will be playing

C. play

D. would play

12. By Christmas, I _______ for Mr. Smith for four years.

A. will have been working

B. will work

C. have been working

D. will be working

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