Diverse Learners and the home-school connection


Research your local community demographics or the community you desire to teach in. (KILLEEN, TX) Access web-based data related to age, ethnicity, gender, language, religion (if possible), housing, household composition, employment status, and income. Your city's webpage and U.S. Census Bureau data will likely be your primary resources. However, you are encouraged to find other reliable and credible sources.

Compile a 750-1,000 word report to be shared with the leadership of a local childcare or preschool center, focusing on ways to promote the home/school connection. Include the following in your report:

An overview of your community demographics.

Explanation of how these demographics affect the early development of children.

Four strategies for incorporating the students' experiences, cultures, and/or community resources into classroom instruction. Include evidence from your research on your school/district community to support your strategies.  

Provide three examples of possible family/community schoolwide events to promote the school/family partnership.

Provide three ways to build strong, positive, and respectful relationships with the families of diverse learners. Include examples specifically related to your community demographics.   

Support your findings with 3-5 scholarly resources.

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