Discussion Writing 3


1. Complete the Case Study


2. Initial Post:

"What can Neerja say, to Rahul and Professor Hari, about the co-authorship? When and how?." Use at least 3 academic references.


3. Reply to 2 additional students.

Posting requirements:

The module discussion runs over a 2-week period, from Monday of week 1 through Sunday of week 2, for each module.

Posts made AFTER the end of the second week of each module will not be included in that module’s participation.

Initial posts

  • Must be 500-words and supported by evidence of wider reading
  • Must have sources cited in the text as well as in the end reference list
  • Must be made by 11:59 pm on the first Sunday of the module

Initial posts made after this deadline will get a 5-point grade deduction

Reply posts

  • Must be at least 200-words long
  • Must be made on two separate days - by end of Wednesday Week 6 and end of Sunday Week 6
  • Must be made by 11:59 pm on the second Sunday of the module.
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