Discussion: Unfinished Business



Here's an interesting article I ran across and thought I'd share with you.  It does a really good job of framing what we're going to talk about this semester in this class.  

I've included a link to the article below.  Read it, then offer a brief critique of it (one page but no more than two).  Here's what I'd like for you to include in your critique:

  • What point(s) did you most agree with after reading the article?  Why?  Was there anything you disagreed with?  Why?
  • What, if anything, was "eye-opening" for you?  In other words, what did she say in the article that offered a new/different perspective on a particular issue? 
  • Was there an issue touched on in this article that you thought was particularly provocative or controversial?  What was it and why did you feel this way?
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