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You  are spending a weekend onboard the International Space Station and  you’ve been asked to produce a video of a weightlessness demonstration.   However, are you truly weightless?  Prepare a response to this question  in terms of mass, acceleration to gravity, and weight.  Feel free to  embellish your account of values but you will need to look up the  accelerations due to gravity on Earth (surface) to support your account.

We are not ever truly weightless that sensation is the result of  falling. Weight is the force of gravity exerted on an object. Mass is  the measure of how much an object can resist velocity. Acceleration to  gravity is the value assigned to an object that is free-falling towards  earth. If you were to jump out of a plane and free fall that would  create the feeling of weightless. Riding rollercoasters can give the  feeling of weightlessness when it goes straight down that is part of the  thrill. When in an elevator and it goes it gives the feeling of  weightlessness even though the elevator still has the same weight as it  goes up.

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