Discussion Question 8



Tonier “Neen” Cain is a renowned expert on trauma-informed care. She also spent nearly two decades addicted to crack cocaine and in and out of the criminal justice system. For this Discussion, you consider her powerful story of recovery and consider the awareness her experiences can bring to care of women and trauma survivors.

To Prepare (Please See Attachment)

  • Watch the video, “Healing Neen,” in the Learning Resources.
  • Reflect on the circumstances in Tonier “Neen” Cain’s life that contributed to her choices, criminal activity, and involvement in the criminal justice system.

  • Post by Day 4 of Week 8
  • -Describe Neen’s relationship with her children and mother, drug activity, prostitution, and experiences with the criminal justice system.
  • -Reflect on how the experiences for females in the criminal justice system are different from those of males. How was ---Neen’s experience uniquely female?
  • -How might her experiences have been different if the criminal justice system had provided evidence-based treatment specifically for female offenders?

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