Discussion Post on Actually 1-20


 Read page 1-20

Character Analysis

For this discussion post, I would like us to focus on the first twenty pages of the play and what we know of Amber and Tom in these first twenty pages (there's a lot, I know!). By now, you all have likely realized that the braided narrative and rapid shifts in storyline, voice, and tone are really challenging to follow in the play. At some points it can seem disorienting. When approaching previous works of literature, we examined themes and linked themes together throughout the works of literature. Themes are helpful for a play like Actually, but also helpful are character analyses where we provide a brief description of who a character is in order to better understand the action taking place. If we were studying acting, we would call this method acting where we learn everything possible about the character to inhabit the role as fully as possible.

Initial Post

For your initial post, choose either Amber or Tom and describe her or his character traits in as much detail as you can. To support your descriptions, make sure to present evidence (meaning quotes) from the text to support your analysis. Consider identifying two or three character traits for which you can find multiple pieces of evidence. In a final paragraph, tell us what you have learned about Amber or Tom in process of writing your analysis.

Initial posts should be 250-300 words.

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