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In this forum, students will find a cybersecurity end user education template/sample plan online. In your post, you will summarize and critique the plan and will include your own thoughts. Please tie the information back to other course materials such as the textbook, in-class discussions, or additional readings and videos.

Include what you think should be included in a end user cyber awareness program? Is the training missing something, or are there good things in the training that we should include in our learning? Include the link at the end of your first post.

Please post your reviews to the questions below in your initial posting. Then, please respond to at least two other students' postings. Please post and comment by the due dates and time. Initial post should be over 150 words, not including any citations.

Students must make their initial posting before they will be able to view other students' postings.

NOTE: Try to find a high quality information source, not an ask.com, about.com, or wikipedia.org page.

NOTE: Do not copy/paste content from a web page, quote from a web page, or cite from a source - the response should be completely in your own words.