Complete the Unit 4 Topic Discussion Board on architecture.

a. Choose at least two ideas to write and reflect upon.

b. Respond back to at least one other student’s statements.

i. Describe what your chosen location means to you.

ii. What emotions do different structures communicate by their designs?

iii. Has architectural design mismatched the function of the building?

iv. How can nature be architectural in a setting (Grand Canyon, oceanfront, mountain road, forest clearing, or desert vista)? Example art works to enhance the idea include: 

1. Georgia O’Keeffe: https://www.okeeffemuseum.org/

2. Northern Song Dynasty Landscape Paintings: http://depts.washington.edu/chinaciv/painting/tptgnsla.htm

                     3. Joseph Mallord Turner Seascapes:  

Part II: 

Website Discussion Board

Participate in the Unit 4 Website Discussion Board about artists Maya Lin and James Kerry Marshall.

a.  Go to  https://art21.org/artists/  and find the pages for each artist. 

b.  Read their biographies and watch the video segment featuring each artist.

c.  Use the Maya Lin Website for reference at http://www.mayalin.com/.

 i.  How does Maya Lin combine landscape and architecture?

 ii.  Does she see herself as an architect?

 iii.  What other projects interest her?

d.  Discuss how James Kerry Marshall used his art for a potentially political purpose.

James Kerry Marshall at the Jack Shainman Gallery: http://www.jackshainman.com/artists/kerryjames-marshall/

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