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Theoretical perspectives for direct social work practice: A generalist-eclectic approach (4th edition).

Chapter 23.Revisiting the Generalist-Eclectic Approach (Chapter copy included)


Chapter 20: Solution Focused Therapy (Chapter copy included)

Jaqueline Corcoran


Chapter 13. Functional Theory and Social Work Practice

Katherine M. Dunlap

(Don’t have a copy for Chapter 13, so please research the topic on this chapter to make questions and answers)

Submit TWO well thought out questions PER CHAPTER and YOUR OWN ANSWERS here.

Students are expected to read all required material prior to class time each week, and to prepare two well thought out questions and write their answers to their questions for each assigned chapter or reading. 

Professor’s comments from last discussion - Please ensure the answers to your questions are fully developed and consist of a well thought out paragraph containing at minimum 4-6 sentences. Also make sure that your questions are open-ended.

Questions will be graded on correct format and the thoughtfulness of the questions.


· Questions must be OPEN ENDED- Open questions invite the speaker to elaborate.  Closed questions can be answered completely in a few words.

· Questions must be well thought out based on chapter concepts and ideas.

· Questions cannot be ‘trivia’ questions or questions one might find on a quiz or test.

· Questions cannot be scenario based

Imagine you and a classmate have both just read the assigned chapter and you're discussing what you read.  What was interesting about this chapter and why?  What didn't make sense and why?  What did you think was important and why?