Q1. Your book does a great job describing the career of Captain Cook of the Royal Navy and his many expeditions. He was treated very differently upon his return to Hawaii from his first visit. How does his career and his tragic murder reflect the way Europeans had been spreading their influence throughout the globe?

Q2. With the death of Louis XIV, the tightly controlled court at Versailles split apart. French aristocrats established their own courts at their home, and these were called salons. The stars of these salons were the Philosophes. They were like the rock stars of their time. They were philosophers who promoted a set of ideas about the relationship between the government and the governed. Choose one of these philosophers and explain what how he described that relationship. Our textbook has a good section on them beginning on page 842.

Q3. French painting became ever more realistic and precise between 1750 and 1870. At the same time, photography began to become better and better. Your textbook has good sections on each. Compare French realism in painting to the new technology of photography. Which did a better job of "telling the story"? Please explain using a specific example from painting and one from photography.

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