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Job Design and Job Crafting Surveys

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The Job design survey that was taken had agreeable results for my current position. All of the scores ranged from 10 through a 12, except on the autonomy portion. My position in the military does not provide for much leniency in how the work is performed, and sometimes it can be pretty clear what needs to be accomplished. There are a few things that are left up to the preference of the individual who is approving the work, and those things are left at their discretion as to how they are being accomplished. When reviews are conducted and someone needs to sign a form, or approve a document, they each look for something different in how the work is done and how everything is worded. It would be a bit better if we had more flexibility in how everything that we do actually is done, or if each approver was on the same page. Personally, I believe that this survey is useful for the fact that it can provide broad results on the five core job dimensions, and gives good feedback on what should be focused on for improvement.

The job crafting survey that was suggested to take seems to be accurate in the sense that it can be useful for the right person in the right career. The two lowest scores that I have got were that of 'increasing social job resources' and 'increasing challenging job demands'. After thinking the results over, I have realized that I need to expand my social resources in my workplace. It seems that I do not have many avenues to go through when it comes to finding information. Having additional ways to get information and people to rely on for feedback would help me in correcting my mistakes.

Both surveys may work for my organization, and in fact the military has some avenues like surveys that individuals can use if they see something that needs correction or a larger scale. In order to have the surveys work better, they may need to be tailored to our unit and our career. If we were trying to decide on using either job crafting or job redesign, I would rather consult an expert then rely on the surveys given. While each survey gives results that require corrective action, they do not tell you weather job crafting or job redesign is better.

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