Discussion 10: "The Untold Story of Emmet L Louis Till"

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Discussion 10: "The Untold Story of Emmet L Louis Till"

Answer at least five questions, after viewing the documentary about the life of Emmett Louis Till. 

1. Who was Emmett Louis Till?

2. Where was he was born?

3. Where was his family from?

4. Who was his mother, and how did she "raise" him?

5. What happened to him in Mississippi?

6. Who was Uncle Moses Wright?

7. What is the significance and relevance of Chicago to the overall story about Till's life?

8. How did most Black people live during the era of Segregation, particularly in Mississippi?

9. Describe what happened at the court trial in the Till case?

10. Did Till receive justice? If not, why not?

11. Why do you think most teachers in the public school system do not teach their students about the life of Emmet Till, his mother, or Black life in Mississippi during era of legal segregation?

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