Discussion 1: The Danger of Silence

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Direct Link:  The danger of silence | Clint Smith (4:23)

Part 1

Clint Smith, a passionate poet and educator, speaks about the dangers of silence and encourages us to courageously find our words. In his TED talk, he discusses how silence makes us complicit when it comes to oppression, and that speaking out against injustice is essential for creating change. He asserts, “...we see how the consequences of silence manifest themselves in the form of discrimination, violence, genocide, and war.”  

Smith reflects on the core principles that are essential to authentic communication: “read critically, write consciously, speak clearly, tell your truth.” He powerfully demonstrates that having a strong, powerful voice requires telling an authentic, truthful, and well-crafted personal story that resonates.

In this discussion board, you get to break your silence and recall a moment or an event when you should have spoken up. “Silence” can happen anywhere – at work, at home, or in personal relationships. When did you stifle yourself in order to not rock the boat or to try to appease others at your own expense? In 1 or 2 paragraphs, recall an event or a moment when you should have spoken up. After explaining a time when you were silent, it is important to also write about what you would say now.

Part 2

Clint Smith’s authenticity shows the importance of sharing your story. After reading "Chapter 2: Ethics Matters: Understanding the Ethics of Public Speaking", which can be accessed through the  Course Resources, describe a few of the principles in the National Communication Association Credo for Ethical Communication (2.2) that resonated with you and why? How will you integrate a few of these credos into your speechmaking? Your response should be 1 to 2 paragraphs. 


· Part 1 and 2: 1 to 2 paragraphs for each