Discussion 1



You will be conducting a counseling session with a movie/TV character

  • First, select a TV show/movie that contains a character that exists in a setting that is similar to the future setting where you would like to provide counseling services. For example, if you are a CMHC student interested in a setting working with Veterans, you could select a movie like Saving Private Ryan and speak with Captain John. If you were a School Counseling student interested in a high school setting, you could select a movie like "The Breakfast Club" and talk with John.
  • Second, for 5-10 minutes have a practice session with the character. Select one of the existential humanistic theories that we cover this week (Gestalt, Person Centered, Existential, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy…etc.) to guide your session as well as the counseling skills you select for use and how you use them. You may use the “basic counseling skills guide” attached below in addition to any skills and/or techniques that might be discussed in the text, specific to the approach.
  • Third, write about your experience:
  1. Identify the show/movie and character while providing enough background information to set the scene.
  2. Provide an 8x8 (or longer) practice dialogue (8 counselor statements and 8 character statements).
  3. Identify the existential humanistic approach that you used to guide your session and explain how the approach helped guide your session. Support with reference/s.
  4. What did you avoid saying and why? Support with reference/s.
  5. TIP: Consider using each of the four above writing prompts to organize your post with level one headings.

***Post Requirements

Attached are instructions and examples of what the discussion should look like.***

***I am an Certified Mental Heath Certificate (CMHC) student and I want to work in the mental health setting. Try to find a movie surrounded around mental health.

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