disc 5 market


In Chap. 9 of our text, we learn about the advertising management process. Write a post in which you research an advertising or social media campaign and explore the elements of the process to achieve the result. Select an advertising or social media campaign, and talk about the objectives of the campaign, the budget, and the process to create the campaign. What was the target audience? What ad media and vehicles were used? How was the strategy implemented? What were the results? How effective was the campaign at reaching the objectives?

As part of this discussion, identify one podcast that you recommend as a great resource on integrated marketing for this course.  What is the podcast? Why do you like it and recommend it?

Your initial post is due Wednesday of week 5 by midnight. Your post should address the discussion questions and provide substantial, well considered answers. Demonstrate your understanding and support it with some good research.  Be sure to include citations and references following APA format.

Each participant must respond to at least two (2) different classmates in this activity. Your responses are expected to take the discussion further and add value to it. Your responses to at least two of your classmate’s posts are due by midnight Sunday of week 6.

Please ensure that you provide valuable and substantive feedback. Review the suggested readings and bibliography on the subject to make informative contributions.

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