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i need 2 discussions and 4 replies for each subject.

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Dis- 250+ words, each reply 75-100 words.

Advance database

What is the difference between primary and secondary storage? Discuss the mechanism used to read data from or write data to the disk. What is the difference between static and dynamic files? A minimum of 1 outside reference is required, along with APA formatting. (LO1) (LO3). 

Project Management

After completing this week's reading assignments answer the following question in 250 or more words. After you have completed your post, in 100 words or more, reply to 2 of your classmates.

1. How do you ensure the information needs of stakeholders are being met?

2. What are the procedures for quality assurance and control?


Discuss the difference between classes, sealing classes, and objects. In your discussion also explain why you would want to define a new class as well as list at least two sealed class rules.