Describe an internship


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Describe an internship.

Any technology internship

This PowerPoint is for you to illustrate what you have learned while working in your internship.  S lides (2 - 5) must be explained with at least two paragraphs.

100 total points

Create a PowerPoint with the following information:

· Slide 1:Title-50

· Title: Internship Course Working Assessment - 10

· Picture of you professionally dressed - 30.

· Your Name - 5

· Due Date - 5

· Slide 2-15

· Title: Teamwork

· Describe the teamwork environment you experienced and how you can make it better (if there was conflict)

· Was it cohesive where everyone worked together.

· Was it chaos with no direction?

· Slide 3-15

· Title: Organization

· Describe the organizational style of your work area and/or department.

· Was there direct supervision with a clear hierarchy of the chain of command?

· Were there too many supervisors and no one knew who reported to whom?

· Slide 4-15

· Title: Communication

· Describe the communication style throughout your work area and/or department.

· Oral? Voice Mail? Texting? Emails? Zoom?

· Slide 5 - 5

· Summarize your work experience with both positive and area of improvement.

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This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Proper Formatting

25 pts

No errors

10 pts

Missed one part of formatting

0 pts

Missed two or more parts of formatting

25 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Grammar, Punctuation, Capitalization, etc.

25 pts

No errors

10 pts

One to Four errors

0 pts

Five errors or more

25 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Essence of subject

25 pts

Clearly written subject matter covered

10 pts

Subject matter partially covered

0 pts

No subject matter covered

25 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Submitted by Deadline

25 pts

On Time

10 pts

One day late

0 pts

Two or more days late

25 pts

Total Points: 100

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