Deliverable 5 - Analysis of Renewable Energy Sources


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    Evaluate the relationship between energy use, waste, and pollution and their impacts to the environment.

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    You have been asked to identify the sources of energy you use daily in your home, and the cost of each of those sources over a 3-day period (and a monthly total estimate). While going about your daily activities, track and record your energy use in three categories (electricity, fuel, and natural gas/propane), calculating a monthly estimate for your energy costs. Contact your energy provider or research your energy provider online to determine the primary sources of energy used to power your home, and explore the potential for renewable energy sources, if your provider uses fossil fuel sources.

    Track your energy use for 3 days (electricity/fuel/natural gas, if applicable), using the document attached below.

    Research or contact your energy providers to determine the sources of energy supplied by your providers. Compile tracked energy data into a written report, calculating a daily average cost for your energy needs. Lastly, explore options for sourcing energy from solely renewable sources.

    Your report should consist of the following elements:
    • Specify name of local energy providers and source(s) of energy used
    • Specify cost of energy use for the 3-day period (based on average electric bill/10 days)
    • Explore options for sourcing energy solely from renewable sources
    • If renewable options are not available, discuss ways that you can reduce energy use in your home
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