Deconstruction of Leadership paper


In order to complete this assignment, you will need to decide on a theme related to “Strategic Issues” in Business Leadership that interests you. Then, following the guidance below, search out and analyze one article related to your theme (and at least one review of that article) each week (up to a total of 5 themes) to even out your workload. For the DL paper, first read the material and take good notes. As with any reading, identify the major themes, points, or arguments. In addition, focus on identifying gaps, “holes,” omissions, factual inconsistencies, etc. Since you are asked to read more than one work for this paper, do this for each work and compare the gaps, etc. between the two.  Second, find and read at least one other review of each work. Deconstruct each review, as well. Remember to make a note of the citation and reference information and incorporate these into your final paper.   Then prepare a narrated Power Point version of your presentation to turn in.

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