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Crafting a Balanced Organizational Culture

Under what circumstances should an organization promote a uniform culture?

In some situations, an organization should consider pushing for a single culture. However, when an organization must be consistent about values, beliefs, and behaviors, it also creates uniformity and consistency in the work environment, instilling a feeling of oneness among the workers. A cohesive culture is indispensable when employees of an organization need to work collectively and strive for success as a team.

It is a culture that brings all individuals into one team pursuing the same goals while eliminating possible disagreements based on different opinions. In situations where some tasks and projects need lots of coordination and cooperation, it is an added advantage to have an integrated culture ( Chapter 12 Organizational Culture and Symbols, n.d.). It promotes smooth collaboration among the team members because people understand what is acceptable in the firm regarding communication. Essentially, building an identical culture promotes uniformity of mindset, objectives, and collaboration across the organization.

Under what circumstances should an organization encourage variety and diversity in beliefs, norms, and values?

An organization should encourage diversity regarding beliefs, norms, and values under certain circumstances. In addition, supporting diversity in innovative and creative industries is essential because such a culture encourages different thoughts and opinions. Such variety may stimulate invention, stretch mental limits, and open new horizons. Last but not least, adjusting to change becomes necessary when conducting business in dynamic market environments or industries. Cultures are often more resilient and better prepared to adapt their responses in the event of unexpected shocks when compared to monocultures.



Ch t 12 Chapter 12 Organizational Culture and Symbols

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In what ways, or under what circumstances, should an organization promote a uniform culture among its members and sub-units?

The culture of the organization reflects its unique identity that creates the organization's brand.  The vision, values, and traditions of the organizations should define and shape the organization’s mission.  It is important that members and sub-units perform duties as outlined by the company culture to fulfill the mission.

Companies such as Nordstrom department stores are renowned for customer service and employee satisfaction (Bolman & Deal, 2017). To maintain this level of customer expectation, a uniform culture of customer service must be promoted among all members and sub-units.  Nordstrom department stores implemented an extensive training program teaching new team members the traditions, rituals, and ceremonies embedded in the organization's culture.  This process was necessary to maintain the level of customer service that Nordstrom shoppers have received over the years.

In what ways, and under what circumstances, should it encourage variety and diversity in beliefs/norms/values?

New team members make the choice to join based on the perceived culture of the team.  It is important for each new member to learn the mission of the organization, how the organization meets its goals and objectives, and adhere to the culture of the organization.  However, diversity is necessary to ensure that how the organization does what it does remains relevant to the current market trends. Cultural diversity among the members ensures that unique skills and styles (Bolman & Deal, 2017) are presented and considered when evaluating policies and procedures.  This is achieved when people from different backgrounds, experiences races, and cultures unite and work together to meet company goals and objectives. 


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