Critical Thinking Article


 Utilizing the articles you selected, answer the questions in the attached Critical Thinking Assignment document.  Do not write an [email protected]  Just answer the questions IN the document.  Evaluate the content in the articles critically with an independent mind. You will NOT take a position on one side or the other in your answers. Your evaluation may not include disrespectful or derogatory content. Your evaluation must be independent of your particular view on the subject.  

Answer all of the questions for full credit.   Your job is to see through the bias in the articles, not be manipulated by word choices, fallacies, slanted language, your position, etc.

1.I have uploaded the Critical Thinking Article where questions need to be answer 

2. I have uploaded 2 PDF's with advantages and disadvantages of social media. Please use the articles I provided, we need to HIGHLIGHT what we used in the articles. 

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