Create an Evidence-based public health social media post


Public health messaging is an important consideration in communicating health and disease facts and information.  Targeted messaging and communication are important aspects of promoting health and prevention, while at the same time, protecting the health of the public. This assignment is a culmination of the research you have done throughout this course related to a particular disease or health condition and requires you to create an evidence-based public health message in the form of a social media post. 

Organize the facts and/or graphics that you plan to use in your social media post. Be sure to cite your sources!

2. Create the social media post, including at least one image.  Pay close attention to the grading rubric (see below).

3. Save the image as a jpeg or png format. If you are creating a  video, save it as a mp4 or mov.  

4. Now it is time to actually post the message to your own social media.  After posting, take a screen shot, save the image to a MSWord document and upload to this portal.

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