Create a Word document that contains the following elements about building collapse



  • Descriptions of ten (10) information resources related to your assigned disaster/emergency (building collapse). Each entry should include:
    • URL
    • Content covered
    • Target audience
    • A typical question you create that can be answered by the resource
    • Answer to the typical reference question 
    • The location where the answer was found (URL)
  • Descriptions of a minimum of five (5) organizations that could be involved in your assigned disaster/emergency (i.e. Red Cross, FBI). Each entry should include:
    • URL
    • Purpose of the organization
    • Social media presence
    • Mobile website/application
  • Describe current technology (including alert and surveillance systems) available for your assigned disaster/emergency including the delivery channel (e.g. radio, television, sirens, social media) and availability of alert (e.g. everywhere, only large towns).
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