Conflict Management Self-Assessment



                    The reading by Shearouse (2011) discusses five conflict management styles. Many companies sell conflict style questionnaires for use in organizations. For the first week of this module, try your hand at a free questionnaire. Here is one that allows you to identify your own conflict management style based on five styles similar to those discussed in Shearouse (2011):

Report your rating as well as your general impressions about the usefulness of this questionnaire. Were you surprised by the results? Do you think the results are accurate? Would the questionnaire be useful for your organization?


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Alexander posted 

Good Evening Everyone (Week 1 Post)

So I complete my survey and I compared myself to my current organizations leadership. Very interesting, was I surprised by the results no I was not!!! Let take a look;

Avoidance – Alex (Weak) Leadership (Very Strong)

Competition- Alex (strong) Leadership (Very Strong)

Compromise- Alex (Very Strong) Leadership (Average)

Accommodating- Alex (Strong) Leadership (Weak)

Collaborating- Alex (Very Strong) Leadership (Weak)

Do you think the results are accurate? I believe these are accurate even though its one side but my opinion but I been with my current organization for over 20 years so I have some type of opinion. Sometimes it depends on what position you are setting it when you take a survey like this and what job you do. My highest score was 25 in the collaborating section the reason for this is simple I collaborate for a living it’s my job; “The collaborating10 style is high on both assertiveness and cooperation. This is a strategy to use for achieving the best outcome from conflict—both sides argue for their position, supporting it with facts and rationale while listening attentively to the other side. The objective is to find a win–win solution to the problem in which both parties get what they want.”Bauer, T., & Erdogan, B. (2012)

I think the questionnaire would be useful however if would have to be tailored to the organization that’s going to use it.

Bauer, T., & Erdogan, B. (2012).Chapter 10: Conflict and negotiations. Organizational Behavior.

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