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This portion of your Kinesiology Concept Map Term (part 1 of 5) will allow you to begin to build a foundation of knowledge in the field of Kinesiology. There are 5 components of the assignment. Make sure you read and complete each of the components in the W1 Concept Map Worksheet in order to get full credit for this activity.

Please keep in mind that this assignment is crucial for proper completion of the Kinesiology Concept Map assignment throughout the remainder of the term. 

NOTE: You may build your concept map in PowerPoint with the template and paste it into the word document for submission.

Be as thorough as possible when writing your responses to the above questions, and remember, this is an academic assignment, so no "text-talk," no conversational tone, and ABOVE ALL OTHER THINGS... don't plagiarize! Lastly, spell-check and proofread your work! Failure to follow these steps will negatively impact your grade on assignments.

General APA Formatting Guidelines:

An APA reference page is optional if you use sources. Also, an APA abstract page is NOT required!

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