Cicely Tyson - Civil Rights - 3 Part Assignment



This is a 3-part assignment for African American studies. The subject for the research assignment is Cicely Tyson and her contribution to the civil rights movement. The assignment must include MLA in-text citations and at least 5 sources. I have included 5 source materials. Two of the sources are books, which I could not upload. You should be able to find information from the books on google books. Please feel free to add more, as long as they scholarly sources. Please read the assignment instructions and grading rubric carefully. 


· Annotated Bibliography 

· Presentation – 8 Slides w/ Visuals

· Essay - 1200-1500 words

Feldstein, Ruth, author. How It Feels to Be Free : Black Women Entertainers and the Civil Rights Movement. Oxford University Press, 2013. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1093/acprof:oso/9780195314038.001.0001.

Feldstein, Ruth. Do What You Gotta Do: Black Women Entertainers and Civil Rights Activism in the 1960s. , 2013. Print.

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