Chapter 10 scenario



What are the similarities between RTI and the Pyramid Model? What are the differences? 

What is the purpose of a RTI and Pyramid models? What are examples of  data analysis that teachers engage in to make good decisions about  which students would benefit from a tiered approach?

How does having educators work as a team benefit everyone involved?  How does collaboration help shed light on designing a tiered program and  monitoring a child's progress throughout the year?

Do you have  experience using RTI or Pyramid model intervention strategies with the  children in your programs? Discuss your experience or if none, do you  see benefit in implementing these evidence based strategies? 

Food  for thought: We have a team of Heathy Social Behavior Specialists here  in NC to coach and provide training at no cost to centers. Do you know  how to access the specialist in your region? If you are interested,  contact your local Smart Start or Resource and Referral agency and ask.  You can also check out these excellent resources on Tuckers NC Nest (click to open) 

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