1. Read the chapter and take notes. Jot down concepts that are unclear and any questions that you have from the reading. 

2. Watch the Accenture video on inclusion.

Make a note of any particular element of the video that surprised you or resonated with you.

3. Visit the Harvard Project Implicit page here: You do NOT have to register to participate.

· Click on the top left link (Project Implicit Social Attitudes). Read through the disclaimer and click I wish to proceed at the bottom.

· A new page will open with all of their implicit bias tests. Explore the tests. You are not required to take one for this class (but it’s encouraged). I just want you to see all of the types of implicit biases they are researching. 

4. Watch the HR Daily Advisor: 10 Sins of Employee Documentation video: Make a note of any elements that were surprising or confusing. 

5. If you have forgotten what performance management entails, then this short video provides a good review:

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